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Our Approach

OmniVest Group operates with the belief that there is a fundamental relationship between an investment’s expected return and it's level of assumed risk. While this belief is the foundation of our investment philosophy, we recognize that financial markets are inherently inefficient, especially over shorter time periods, and that irrational markets can produce significant dislocations in any one specific investment’s risk/return relationship.

We believe the most effective method for controlling risk and return is the selection of specific sub-asset classes and their respective weightings in a given portfolio (asset allocation). The inclusion or exclusion of specific sub-asset classes is recommended based on the views of our investment team. OmniVest Group has never shied away from recommending the sale of any one sub-asset class, or strategy. In short, our returns are not guided by an index but rather on the individual goals of our clients.

We are always looking for opportunities in the marketplace, some of which may be short-lived. Some examples include the purchase of credit securities in 2008 following the credit crisis in the US, followed by a very bullish call on US equities. We also recommended an overweighting of mortgage securities as a follow- on to our initial emphasis on investment grade corporate credits. We recommended selling exposures to both these sub-asset classes in 2011 and 2013 respectively. In short, we are not afraid to make a bold opportunistic call, a trait that has served us and our clients well over the years. To get a sense of our current positioning, please review our recent research under the OUR RESEARCH tab.

Once designed, portfolios are implemented in three or four stages. Our goal is to use market or investment-specific volatility to better our average price. We also strongly believe in diversifying our purchases over more than one time period.

OmniVest Group does not manage proprietary capital for outside clients. We utilize the services of third party managers and products, such as sector-specific ETFs, for all our client’s investment needs. Once a manager or product is added to a client portfolio, we monitor their individual performance on an ongoing basis and will recommend to clients when proper changes should be made.

We also believe that investing alongside our clients validates our recommendations and strengthens our commitment to the diligent monitoring of our investors´ portfolios. We co-invest with our clients when appropriate given the goals unique to our accounts. We are always scouring the globe for unique investment ideas that are meant to be shared with our clients, again where applicable. In 2015 we recognized an opportunity within the middle market lending space as a result of changed lending landscape, and selected an alternative manager focusd on this opportunity.  

Our performance expectations acknowledge the past but carefully consider the future. As such, our risk and return assumptions are forward-looking based on our current expectations of the global macro environment. OmniVest Group does not guarantee the future performance of any client account, the success of any investment decision or strategy that OmniVest Group may use, or the success of OmniVest Group´s overall investment management. All investment decisions are subject to various market, currency, economic, political, and business risks, and those investment decisions will not always be profitable. The client retains absolute discretion over all implementation decisions and is free to accept or reject any recommendation from OmniVest Group. Moreover, each client is advised that it remains his/her/its responsibility to promptly notify OmniVest Group if there is ever any change in his/her/its financial situation or investment objectives for the purpose of reviewing or revising OmniVest Group’s previous recommendations and/or services.

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